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New Comedy Central Virtual Podium Contest!

Hey guys! I hope this is not inappropriate to post here. It's a Comedy Central contest so... :)

I'm helping spread the word about Comedy Central's new "Virtual Podium" contest that went live just a few weeks ago! Basically you: create a short (30 seconds- 2min) video of yourself (or your cat, or your finger, or your sock puppet) laying out YOUR OWN presidential platform! Upload it to the site, & get your friends to vote on it a ton of times. The big prize is a trip to New York including exclusive party invites, spending cash, & more! And there is more than 1 trip being awarded!

So pleeeease click on the banner to go check out the site (or go to! It's a fun little contest, & if nothing else check out the gallery of videos & vote on your favorite(s)!!

Thanks for looking all :)

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